Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When a designer tries to have violations removed ...

A designer has submitted a complaint to a Russian site as her Intellectual Property has been used illegally. This is the response she has received, so basically the hosting site doesn't respect copyright & is telling the designer to sort it out with the person who is violating their copyright. Great for international cooperation and trying to avoid prejudice.

"Your appeal has been considered. We inform you of the following. Our company does not consider the dispute as a judicial organ of the parties of copyright infringement and counterfeit goods. Being a Russian company in its activity, we only obey Russian law. On the territory of Russia do not apply the laws of the United States (also DMCA), the EU and other countries. In addition, all the vows in written or verbal form even «under penalty of perjury» not be regarded as an adequate proof. Please note that all your accusations based on certain assumptions and without direct evidence under Russian law is a criminal offense. Your complaint will be handed over to the client for consideration"