Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why Piracy Hurts Creative People...

Why Piracy Hurts Creative People... - an excellent article by The Book Hoarding Dragon.


  1. That was a great link! Thank you!

  2. I thought that article really drove home what happens when someone scans and copies cross stitch patterns. I think she is right that Generation Y thinks they are "entitled" to have stuff for free, especially once you start pirating movies, it's not that much of a step to start pirating other stuff like books and cross stitch patterns.

    I've been a cross stitch blogger for about 3 years now. Let me share a bit of a puzzling copyright story. Maybe someone can help me figure out what happened. I have several Picasa albums. One is finished work and one is pictures of stuff that I want to do and one was pictures of the front covers of the books in my collection. The last one was mostly for reference because I would get asked a lot where the stuff I was stitching came from. I had the publisher info and everything in the caption for easy reference. Then one day, I started getting notices of possible copyright infringement. It was very frustrating because they just removed the images and I couldn't tell what had supposedly violated copyright. Nothing from the interior of the books was posted, just the cover. As I was combing through the album trying to figure out what happened, I stumbled across some comments from people asking for patterns. Really? I deleted those and then posted notices that I don't share patterns. But I kept getting notices and finally I decided to just the delete the whole album because it was more trouble than it was worth. It did make me feel victimized even though I'm 80% sure I didn't do anything wrong.

    Speaking of victimized, I'm about the join the ranks of the affected designers as I started designing patterns myself after I got laid off 2 months ago. Right now they're free but if I start offering them for money, I'm sure that someone will scan them right into the file sharing site. [sigh]