Friday, September 7, 2012

CopyRights vs CopyWrongs

Many thanks to Dragon Dreams for this publication.


  1. Does the left column include the right to sell the pdf file that one has purchased? If not why not? How about lending it out or giving it away? Otherwise why would anyone purchase an electronic copy of anything. What are you going to do with it after you are done with it? Throw it away? Thank you

  2. Your right to lend, sell, trade or donate copyrighted objects only applies to "material objects", not digital files. When you pay to download a PDf files you don't purchase a "material object" you just pay for the right to use a digital file as per the terms of use/ license agreement spelled out in your contract with the copyright holder. The copyright holders usually ask you to click on something that says that you have read and agreed to the terms before they take your money and send you the file.

    If the terms aren't repeated on the pdf the best way to find our if you can sell, lend or give away a pdf is to check with the website where you downloaded it.