Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kind Regards to you too!

Here is a prime example of how sites ignore our complaints when designers try to protect their Intellectual Property & request takedowns of illegally copied designs. Their "Kind Regards" are anything but & we'd like to suggest where they can stick them.
* * *
Dear Sir/Madam
You have requested that (site name) takes action in regards to a specific website, since you find that there is illegal content on the website or you have asked to have protected customer information handed over to you.
We have no possibility or intention of being a judge in these cases, and therefore we advise you to direct your enquiry to the owner of the website which can be seen via the ordinary who-is lookup or to go via the system of justice (enforcement court) and get a court order against the website owner from a EU or US court stating that the owner should remove the content.
In the case of customer information, we ask that you provide a court order stating what customer information is to be handed over.
Upon receipt of a court order we will act responsibly and follow the directions of that court order.
We also refer to our privacy policy which can be found on our website.
We also want to draw your attention to the fact, that a website with its contents can be moved to another webhost/registrar within a few days and that a court order against the website owner in this situation is a more useful tool for you to pursue your rights.
If you wish, we can forward a message to the domain owner. If you want us to do this, we ask that you write out the message to be forwarded in full as we do not word or make changes to the forwarded message in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.
Kind Regards

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